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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Champagne Brunch

Sooo I have been missing Uptown lately and the weekend brunches. 

Brunch isn't food, it's a way of life.

Got the citrus theme from Better Home and Gardens, July, 2012 issue. 

So we threw a champagne brunch for two couples that we adore.  Being dumb, I forgot to take pictures of actual live people, but got the decorations.

I left my heart in San Francisco

Since I have a hundred bizzilion photos, I'll try to limit them to one or two per day.  We spent 4 days in San Francisco and 2 in Napa. I wish I was still in Napa pretending to know about wine and eating the best Greek food we've ever had.

Day 1: Exploring the peer and eating dinner in Chinatown.

The stinky seals.  They acted like bad behaved school children, knocking each other off the boards, then laughing.

Taken on Pier 39

Day 2: Alcatraz
I loved visiting and learning the history.  I bought a book on Al Capone and have since become obsessed.
He lost his mind while he was in Alcatraz and died 2 years after he got out.
You should become obsessed too.

Loved Chinatown.  The food: incredible. 
We had fried dungeness crab at R&G lounge.  (Thanks Spencer!)

Day 3: 20 mile bike ride to Tiburon.
I was scared to ride across the bridge until I saw that bikes had a separate lane. 
In SF, pedestrians and bikers RULE the road, unlike in Texas.

My only visit with the cable cars :(
Each car was packed like a Japanese wave pool
So we opted out, even though I have an on going love affair with trolleys.

Days 4-6, Napa.
We stopped at Domaine Carneros on the way to Napa.
The BEST sparkling wine.  Try the blanc nior.

We splurged on a convertable... The hair did not approve.

My favorite winery was Robert Mondavi.  Took the wine tasting class and are now officially snobs. 
(So we can pretend).

At the hotel vineyard.  All of Napa smells like sweet grapes. 

We LOVED the trip and had a wonderful tour guide (Spencer) in SF.  It was a needed break from the beach!


So... It's been a while.  But we have been too busy to even stop and think about blogging.  I have been busy finishing up things with the school and Michael has been busy training for his triathlon and busy with work.  So here's a snapshot of happenings in College Station (and Dallas)...(and San Francisco).

First things first.  Yay for summer! For years, I have been conditioned to be out of school and off work  during the summer, so of course it is my favorite season. 

You know it's summer when you have too much produce sitting out all over the counters.

Our first cookout of the summer.  Michael grills some mean zucchinis :)

For a contest at work, Michael entered and ran a triathlon. 

He was exhausted by the end but swears he didn't walk!

He beat his time by 10 seconds!  Official time was 2:59:50.

Just for fun, some quotes I heard while waiting for Michael to finish:
"I haven't been working out so I decided to do a traithlon".
"I'm just doing this triathlon to train for my Iron Man next weekend".
Crazy fools!