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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Homemade baby noisemaker

I used

Lately Jack has been obsessed with pulling hair so the ribbons provide a much less painful substitute ;).

1. Fill water bottle with rice, pom poms and other Christmas (or any holiday) item.  Also can use pasta, bells, beans or anything that makes noise.  I used Santas, snowflakes and pom poms.
2. Poke hole in top with an old screwdriver and thread ribbon of different lengths through
3.  Super glue the lid on.
Voila! A cute Christmas baby noisemaker

It will entertain for hours! Or 5 minutes, if I'm lucky ;)

In conclusion: an easy craft that he can entertain himself with while I watch a Hallmark Christmas
 movie. HoHoHo!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jack's Room
A Vintage Travel theme

Melissa and Doug Giraffe
Apple box bookshelves

Cutout monogram from Canton
Basset Crib from my childhood
Caden Lane Bedding, San Antonio, TX

Mobile, handmade with fabric scraps from my mother in law

Framed pages of an old atlas

Antique scale and truck from flea markets

Sheepskin rug from Tuesday Morning

Thanks for reading! <3 Jack