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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mallory's Baby Shower - Covered in Pink

Wow, 3 posts in February.  This is a record for me.  Lots of picture worthy things have been going on, and third but not least is Mallory's baby shower from Saturday.  We had so much fun hosting and even more fun watching her open the presents.  <3 you Mal.

The host/esses. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day and a Craft

Valentine's Day 2013 was a milestone.  Michael finally figured out to put a card with the gift. And he wrote in it.  And signed his name. Also, I realized all I had to do was get a card and make dinner, and some other things that shouldn't be mentioned here.  V-day is WAY easier for girls. 
To get in the V-day mood, I made a burlap wreath for the front door.  So easy, and everything was from hobby lobby.  Thanks to Artastic Craft Studio, College Station!
Buy a wire wreath skeleton, 3" burlap (1 roll), floral wire, a letter, paint, and paintbrush.

Attach the burlap to wreath at each junction using floral wire.  Go around 3 times.

Paint your letter on BOTH sides if you have glass on your front door.

Hang the letter from the top of the wreath skeleton with the floral wire, attach bow, and ENJOY.

This is so true!

I don't care that he went to HEB on the way home from work.  It was perfect :)

 So I think this Valentine's day was a success, especially since I didn't have to watch Twilight at the end of the day. How did yours truly do this year?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl Party


So I've been feeling weird lately, since Michael and I have become old and lazy.  We've missed all of the fun, unimportant holidays, such as Halloween, New Year's, St. Patrick's Day.  After going to bed a 10:00 p.m. on December 31, we decided we needed a change.  So we decided to have a Super Bowl party.
What the boys did: watch the game, watch the black out, gripe about the black out, pretend not to watch Beyonce.
What the girls did: watch the commercials, play skip bo, hold babies, and watch Beyonce.
The menu:  Mexican street tacos, guacamole, black beans, queso blanco dip, puppy chow chex mix, chocolate strawberries, brie dip, cookies, coffee cake.
So I wonder what all will go wrong at next year's Super Bowl since the stadium is in New Jersey in the middle of winter and there's no roof.  Come over and let's find out :)
 These guys were transfixed during the halftime show. 
 Danielle and Lauren's babies
 Erin's baby
 Nate rocking the baby Bjorn.

 I bet Matt is regretting his game of Skip Bo now that he's online.

The Hangover anyone...?

Chocolate dipped fresas