Pre-Wedding to Now

Monday, July 1, 2013

Desert Adventure

Who went: My travel soul mate, English

What we did: yoga, sun, hike, R&R, spa, explore

Where we stayed: Waldorf Astoria Carefree, Arizona

Where we ate:
1. Spotted Donkey Cantina- amazing blood orange margaritas
2. Tapas Fritas- amazing rabbit, don't worry, there's 1000+ rabbits at the Waldorf alone
3. Citizen Public House - amazing rock candy martinis

While the spray tan was still fresh

Hike up Pinnacle

Top of the mountain

Some of the "Boulders"

View from the backyard

Sfuzzis in Dallas, I just like this picture

Stinker snuck up to dance

110 degrees in the shade


And more sun!
Thank you Lord for keeping us safe on the way
Love you Eng! Let's go again soon.