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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Recent Books

Now that I'm no longer working in private practice, and get off by 4:00 I've had more time for reading. These are some recent books I've read.  Let me know if you want to borrow a copy :)

A compilation of short stories, recipes, and tidbits from the author's southern momma.  She says there would be no wars over in Iraq if everyone had a southern momma to remind them to take a nap and think it over.  I made her pot roast...delicious!

This is one of those books that you love and hate.  I've been reading it for years and am finally almost through.  I love it because it is about a rich, manipulative family who eventually gains control of the papacy, but I hate it because it's so detailed.  Each page takes forever to finish since there are so many details I can't miss.

Don't laugh.   I love the Kardashians.  This book goes deep into stories of their childhood and their dad.  I didn't know that he left them nothing when he passed.  I can't wait to read Kris Jenner's book too.

One of my next books to read.  It's about marriage and how it changes as time goes by.  When some say "you've just changed so much", really the stage of life is what has changed.

I'm excited about this best seller too.  A very F. Scott Fitzgerald feel, about two girls in New York during the Jazz age.