Pre-Wedding to Now

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Anti-resolutions 2013

I have done New Year's resolutions for 10 years, and ONE year actually stuck to it.  I actually flossed every day in 2010.  I still floss all the time.  So this year, I decided to make some that make my life easier, rather than harder. 

1.  Read the bible all the way through.  Game plan: instead of reading at bedtime and falling asleep, download spoken Word app for my phone and listen to 3 chapters on my commute home.  If I still lived in Dallas, I could probably read the Bible through 2 or 3 times :)


2. Workout three times a week.  Game plan: now that I'm working until 5 (blah) instead of 4, I will go to the gym during my lunch hour for a body barre class, and do 2 workouts AT work.  See...? Life easier?  Since we have treadmills and weights, I'm going to get a quick workout in during lunch instead of after work in 35 degree cold when I'm tired and hungry. 

This will be me:
Funny Workplace Ecard: Your office workouts are starting to freak people out.

What are your resolutions and have you kept them up for 15 days....?

Favorites of Christmas 2012

  This Christmas was full of firsts and lasts.  We always get excited about taking time off and "relaxing", but really we go from sun up to sun down. I'm usually exhausted when I get back home, and just have energy to put away my new toys and NOT enough energy for laundry. 

 You'll have to excuse Max, he was a camera hog this year. 
Jereb tree

 This was our first Christmas with Franklin.  Had to put the antlers on Franklin while Michael was gone.  Doesn't approve of dog clothes and doesn't even know about cat clothes...

 Barb and I shabbied up my tree topper snow flake. 

 After losing the most ever, the Jereb boys and I decided to retire our Christmas gambling habit.  Definitely a LAST.

Rutledge home with lights.  This was the last Christmas at my childhood home.  The parentals are moving closer to town.

Love my momma!

 FM 449 before
 FM 449 AFTER.  My first white Christmas ever.

 I like the way he smiles :)

 Camera hog.

Best mac n cheese. Lawdy.

 The Rutledge's own backyard winter wonderland.

 Hope the white Christmas was a first and never a last.

 Christmas card next year? :)

 Wish we could leave stockings out all year.

 More home pics.

For the wedding, we got a ton of vintage post cards of places we've gone.  I turned the one from Puerto Rico into a Christmas card. It read: Dear Mary, Don't you wish you were here? Love, Brother John.
Typical brother!

And last, a recipe for Red Velvet Peppermint Swirl Brownies from Southern Living. 
DEFINITELY not a last :)