Pre-Wedding to Now

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jennifer's Wedding

There are those people that know so much about you, you have no choice but to be best friends.  These are those people.  Best wishes to Jennifer and Brady in their new chapter.  Muah!



Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Casino Shower

Some close friends, Malcolm and Lisa, are getting hitched this November so Michael and I helped out with their couple's shower.  Thank goodness we helped Danielle, the best party planner in this here town.

Michael always looks cute near a roulette table.

Love giggle action shots.

Danielle, the party planning goddess

The couple of the evening, Malcolm and Lisa

Gluten free desserts! <3


Every year Michael's company hosts a tailgate.  Everyone has a beer in hand and it usually gets out of hand!
Aggies vs Alabama
 Thank goodness the beard is gone!
Tons of people came!

New bff!

Round House Kick the Hell out of Bama...

Had a blast with these girls!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Desert Adventure

Who went: My travel soul mate, English

What we did: yoga, sun, hike, R&R, spa, explore

Where we stayed: Waldorf Astoria Carefree, Arizona

Where we ate:
1. Spotted Donkey Cantina- amazing blood orange margaritas
2. Tapas Fritas- amazing rabbit, don't worry, there's 1000+ rabbits at the Waldorf alone
3. Citizen Public House - amazing rock candy martinis

While the spray tan was still fresh

Hike up Pinnacle

Top of the mountain

Some of the "Boulders"

View from the backyard

Sfuzzis in Dallas, I just like this picture

Stinker snuck up to dance

110 degrees in the shade


And more sun!
Thank you Lord for keeping us safe on the way
Love you Eng! Let's go again soon.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fish, sand and dirty hands

I've never understood the male brain.  But for some reason tents on the beach, not talking, fish guts, and air mattresses appeals to it.  Michael came back tan and refreshed, so that's all that matters right?


Sunday, April 7, 2013

House Dressed for Spring

Winter is turning into spring and I no longer have to wear a jacket to get the morning paper.  Also, it's Round Top season.  Two of my favorite things about spring.  I found some spoils at Round Top and had fun finding spots for them.  Dog bowl, mesquito net, rose oil painting are straight from Round Top.

Guest bed

Guest dresser


"J" is from Goodwill



New dog bowl

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Gardening

This spring, our garden is over run with plants from the winter, carrots, cilantro, and onions. We only had room for one addition and chose wisely: tomatoes. Ever had homeade tomato pie? With tomatoes from a garden instead of HEB? Holy cow... Mom and Dad came in to visit and help me plant. Such sweetie pies.
 See my pinterest link if you want to know about these plants:

Herb garden - basil, chives, mint, and rosemary.

New tomato plant