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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Latest Project, Zinc Shutter Headboard

                       BEFORE                                                               AFTER

Supplies needed:
- 2 Old sliding doors, I found these gems at Habitat Restore in Bryan, TX
- Drop cloth
- Annie Sloan cocoa
- Mixol, Dark brown
- Metallic acrylic paint
- light and dark wax
- cheesecloth or old T-Shirt
- regular brushes and wax brush

I used dark gold metallic paint to give it the Zinc feel

Mixol, from a store that sells Annie Sloan paint

My inspiration from Southern Grace store, Downtown Bryan
I think I got the colors pretty close

1. Paint two coats of Annie Sloan cocoa on the inside of the shutters. Let dry, 1 hour.
2. Mix cocoa with Mixol in a container, (be sure to make it dark enough to see a difference.  It took me several tries. Let dry, 2 hours.
3. Coat with thin coat of clear wax. See how here:  
4. Wipe thick spots with cheesecloth
5. Let dry overnight

6. Add the metallic paint using random and thick strokes with a black foam brush (the kind you made posters with and cost $.99 in craft stores) 

7. Apply the dark wax, concentrating in the grooves where the doors fold.  

You can see the detail of the dark wax here.  


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